Business Owners: 3 Ways to Build Trust & Be Top of Mind

Business Owners: 3 Ways to Build Trust & Be Top of Mind

This blog is designed to speak to business owners to provide tips and strategies for understanding how to use integrated marketing to achieve success.

238HA Marriage That Breeds Success: Social and Print Media. The most effective companies advertise online, in social media and traditional Print.


Business owners stretching budgets trying to choose between print and social media, are being misdirected.   As responsible publishers of the Coffee News®, our interests are as a matchmaker, helping businesses to develop meaningful effective partnerships, dovetailing and bonding a cohesive message, just like a great marriage.


Entrepreneur Magazine’s contributor Katherine Halek warns of the dangers of cutting print advertisements in favour of internet or social media marketing solely, likening print and social as “two sides of the same coin”, in her article Integrate Social Media with Print Advertising to Boost Your Marketing

Understanding that “customers will care about you if they feel that your business cares about them” helps them know that you see them as people and not “walking dollar signs”.  Great focus on the part of your business will connect you with potential customers those 95-99% who aren’t impulse shoppers.  She reminds us being consistent in the marketplace means your customers will continue to see your presence, so you need to be where they are.

Looking businesses up online cements business validity and fosters trust.

Jack Strutzas, in the article “6 Ways to Integrate Print with Your Social Media Marketing” in SocialMediaToday, clarifies the importance of marrying your Print and Social media. Through balancing and adapting to the latest trends, you can achieve success in reaching and attracting relationships with your customers.

When you blend the mediums, you get the best success in embracing your target market and having them embrace you. “It’s important to remember that physical promotional items still reach areas that online advertising can’t”.  Integration and cross-promotion ensure you are having the widest brand recognition, dedicated, faithful and devoted clientele.



qr code clutter smallHASHTAGS link your print media readers to your online presence.  There’s no doubt about it #language is here and it is beneficial.  Quick Response or QR CODES are also trackable, although not as widely adopted as hashtags they don’t require remembering the hashtag, just a simple scan by a free app on any smartphone or tablet.  Hashtags attract and are a subliminal call to action, there are a generation of people out there who will instantly want to use your hashtag to look you up online.  In addition to that, when you use hashtags in your online social media (everywhere, not just twitter) search engines will find your tags and thus make you more findable.  Create unique hashtags to put into your print ads so that you can track when people use them.


COMMUNICATING with your clientele when interacting during business allows you to find out where they spend their offline time and advertise there.  Casual conversation or more specific polls online can help you know where that may be.  Then don’t give away too much info in the print ad, tease them just enough to direct them to your online presence. Feedback is vital, it engages your customers and helps them know you are listening to what they want and need, and that you are prepared to adjust to provide that.

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CONSISTENT Logo, voice and design use on every platforms means you are recognizable and familiar anywhere. Having a memorable reliable public image is powerful and having a human face in your social media will complement and make your business more approachable and welcoming.  Your professional branding organizes the public perception and thoughts about you and makes them bond to your message.  Not all Branding agencies are the same, do your research!

Communication and Listening are key to a successful long-lasting marriage.  Marrying your print and social media advertising effectively brings all the happiness and prosperity you could desire. Right now, Make a list of all the advertising sources you use and start integrating to build trust in your market and keep yourself top of mind.


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Gayle Hanlon, is a publisher of the Coffee News®, for St. Catharines, Niagara on the lake and Thorold Ontario.  Coffee News® is the largest restaurant publication in the world published weekly providing small-medium sized businesses with a way to reach their target market.  Taking a refreshing interest in the businesses she assists and putting their success as a priority she is successfully specializing in Social Marketing through and Northwestern University