Lovely Afternoon out German Style!

As I arrived at Club Heidelberg, I thought the parking lot seemed empty… I walked into the front doors and down the stairs to the right and was welcomed by a warm and friendly environment, soft lighting, kind, and more friendly people than I had expected.  I signed the guest book and got my free ticket, found a comfy seat and settled in for the main feature.

Kaffee und Kuchen
Following a thoroughly enjoyable film, the smell of the coffee and the cakes on plates was too tempting to deny.  The movie, the coffee (or tea) and cake are all free, courtesy of some kindhearted folks organized by Gerhard Sauer.  Every second Sunday you can come out and enjoy movies in their original language and the desserts with tea (or coffee) and some splendid company.

After some truly pleasant conversation and learning some more German… We returned to the hall for the second part a short episode to cap off our lovely afternoon. When it was over we all said good bye and see you next time!

Here are a list of the upcoming films and the encores.  You’re sure to enjoy them.  Please join us for a delightful afternoon from 2-5pm.  Parking is free also!!!  Bring a friend!

Coming Soon!
Operetta’s also in their original language. For more information, you can Call Gerhard Sauer at 289.971.9317 and tune in on Sunday mornings to AM 530 at 8am and listen for Gerhard’s announcements and watch Coffee News® everywhere in St. Catharines, Thorold and Niagara On The Lake.

Sun. Oct. 9,     Herz, Modern Moebliert, Ein Juwel der Film-Geschichte; Hans Richter, Hilde Krahl.

Ein Herz und eine Seele DVD 4 #13

Sun. Oct. 23,     LUTHER Deutschland Anfang des 16 Jahrhundert; Joseph Feinnes, Alfred Molina Jonathan Firth, Peter Ustinov, Bruno Ganz.

Guenter Wewel, Praesentiert EISENACH

Sun.  Nov. 6,     Die Spesenritter, im Auswaertigen Amt spielt Einer Falch!; Komoedie mit Harald Juhnke.

Guenter Wewel Praesentiert “Potsdam”

Sun. Nov. 20,     Ich Heirate Eine Familie…..; Peter Weck, Pruni Loebel, Julia Biedermann.

Kinderkrankheiten DVD 2 #3 – Die Kinder sind unterwegs

Sun. Dec. 4,     Vor-Weihnachten in Luebeck und Osnabrueck; Ivan Rebroff, Mary Roos, Godewind, Zanzelgret, Rondo Serenata.

Christmas at Central Station (engl.)

Sun, Dec. 18,     Christmas Concert, Jose Carreras; Filmed at the Basilica Di Sant’Ambrogio.

Festliche Melodien verzau-Bern nicht nur die Gipfel, Sondern auch aller Herzen.

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