August 3, 2020


Everybody’s Talking

Damaged merchandise: If parents plan to go to a dealership to shop for a new car, it’s best to find a babysitter for their small child. A couple from Guilin, Guangxi Region, China, learned this the hard way. The couple, accompanying a friend, were talking to salespeople and gawking at the luxurious new cars in the showroom. Left to her own devices, their child decided to doodle on a number of the new cars, using a stone to scratch designs into the paint. The little girl’s creative streak led to her father being sued by the dealership for damages.

Black and White: Who knew that a few drops of ink mixed with a bit of water could result in beautiful works of art? Well, perhaps it’s not as easy as that, but French artist David Bayo has figured it out. Using this medium, he creates subtle paintings of his subjects, including animals and people. Bayo has tried different ways to make art, and his experimentation led him to an ability to understand how ink and water work together. The paintings he creates, which are often black and white, are distinctive and understated representations of the subject at hand.

Two Names: In Tamaulipas, Mexico, a pet cat has two owners who did not know about each other until recently. Mary Lore Barra calls the cat “Pixi,” and she was accustomed to her pet being away for a few days at a time, presumably on the prowl. Then one day Pixi came home with a new collar. Barra put a note under the collar identifying the cat as Pixi and herself as Pixi’s owner. Soon Pixi came home with a note from another family, who call the cat “Huarache.” Luckily, the two owners think it’s a funny situation, and they continue to share Pixi/Huarache.

ATM captive: A contractor in Corpus Christi, Texas (U.S.), was just trying to do his job. He was fixing a lock in the automatic teller machine (ATM) room when he locked himself in. The man had left his cell phone in his vehicle, so he couldn’t call for assistance. Instead, he wrote notes asking for help and fed them through the receipt slot of the ATM. People using the machine thought the notes were a joke. But finally, one person took it seriously and called police, who broke down the door and got him out.

Quoteable Quotes

“Manifest plainness, Embrace simplicity, Reduce selfishness, Have few desires.” 


“I got myself a start by giving myself a start.”

~ Madame C.J. Walker

What’s Happening


7 am, On ZOOM All Visitors Welcome! Call 289-968-9781 for details to register to attend at

NOTE: Pre-registration is required.

Aug. 5: Young Onset Dementia Care Partner Group

The Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region has launched a new program for care partners of people living with Young Onset Dementia (dementia diagnosed prior to age 65). This will be a facilitated group intended to connect people who are caring for a person living with Young Onset Dementia. The intent of the program is to offer a place where care partners of people living with Young Onset Dementia can access support and engage socially. 7-8:30pm

Aug. 6 - ZOOM Practice Sessions


Join us to test out your connection to the Zoom network and increase your comfort using the platform to connect with programs.

Explore the features inside of Zoom including:
– Using the chatbox
– Renaming your display name
– Turning your video on and off
– Mute and un-mute
– Display options

Aug. 12 - Options for Care

Options for Care will focus on giving participants the opportunity to explore the care options that support persons living with dementia in the moderate to late stages of their journey.

Join us as we explore:

– Choosing the right level of care: aging at home, retirement or long term care

– Learn the process around long term care application

– Explore options for discussing the long term care move

– Explore moving day strategies

– Learn about the resources to navigate the transition to alternate levels of care

Aug. 19: Long Term Care Transitional Self-Help

A Long Term Care Transitional Public Forum

For care partners of a family member that has had a recent admission to Long Term Care.


Topics to be discussed:

– When and how to visit your loved one in Care

– Meaningful visits and communication

– Working with Long Term Care staff

– Loss and grief


1. The sport of basketball was invented in 1891, 1909, or 1923?


2. What does it mean if you are “under the weather”?

You are ill

3. Which desert is said to be the hottest on Earth?

The Sahara Desert

4. What type of apparel are Doc Martins?


5. Where is Tel Aviv?




Did You Know?

Good for you: Oregano oil comes from the oregano plant, which is part of the mint family. Thought to have medicinal properties, it contains carvacrol, an antioxidant

Different colours: The national flag of India consists of three parallel bars. The top bar is saffron, the middle is white, and the bottom is green. In the centre of the white bar is a blue wheel called the Ashok Chakra.

Stone house: It’s well known that the president of the United States lives in the White House. But people may not know that the prime minister of Canada lives at 24 Sussex Drive in the country’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario.

Using initials: D.C. Fontana (1939-2019) was a writer and editor who contributed to the 1960s TV show, Star Trek. The “D.C.” stands for Dorothy Catherine, but she used her initials because, at the time, the industry was male dominated.

Noise pollution: Certain noises can be irritating, but for someone with misophonia, everyday sounds like whistling or soup slurping can cause a seemingly unreasonable response. People with these sensitivities may get angry or anxious, or even panicky.

On the Lighter Side

Matt: “Why did you quit your job at the toll booth?” Pat: “Because my mother always told me not to take money from strangers.”

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some people are just out of film.

What has one head, one foot, and four legs? A bed.

Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it’s too far to walk.

A lot of people cry when they cut an onion. The trick is not to form an emotional bond

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