July 13, 2020


Everybody’s Talking

Farmyard inspiration: A young woman who grew up on a farm in Northern  Ireland is enjoying newfound celebrity for her fashion design. To create her clothing, Rachel Irwin uses material that most people would throw out. For example, old mats, holiday wreaths, and bird feathers wind up in her designs.  She’s even used fertilizer bags and the fluff from a  cow’s tail, all of which are cleaned and sterilized by her mom.  She named one of her designs “Farmyard  Fashion.” Irwin has won prizes for her work and is looking forward to a career in the fashion industry.

Protective dog: A stray dog named Serenity has become a celebrity in the town of Chatham, Ontario, Canada. The pooch was found by a passerby, who stopped to see why she was sitting in a ditch in the cold. Serenity turned out to be protecting five tiny kittens. The passerby called a pet shelter, and the dog and kittens were taken in. Serenity continued to care for the kittens until they were placed in a foster home. Shelter staff intend to place Serenity for adoption, and many families expressed interest after they heard the heartwarming story of Serenity and her parental instincts. 

High design: A city high in the mountains of Bolivia is getting a facelift. El Alto,  close to the administrative city of La Paz, is enjoying attention because of the building designs of architect Freddy Mamani. He calls his style New Andean architecture. His modern buildings, called cholets, are usually several stories high with shops at street level, party and gallery space in the next levels, and living space on the top floor. The designs combine vibrant colours and geometric shapes reminiscent of indigenous textile patterns. For Mamani, the architecture of his buildings is a way of promoting his culture’s pre-Columbian roots.

Tree tuggers: A group of friends who like to run took part in the Cape Town,  South Africa, marathon, but they were doing more than just running. The group ran the race with tree saplings tied to their backs. Their purpose was to raise awareness about the country’s problem with invasive species, which are taking over indigenous plants. One of the runners, Siyabulela Sokomani, ran with a wild olive sapling, and he sports tattoos of his favourite trees. He and his fellow runners support the nationwide effort to plant trees and rid the country of the damaging species.

Quoteable Quotes

“Ascend above the restrictions and conventions of the world, but not so high  as to lose sight of them.”

~Richard Garnett

“Nothing is so inexorable as a promise to your pride.”
~Beryl Markham

What’s Happening


7 am, On ZOOM All Visitors Welcome! Call 289-968-9781 for details to register to attend at http://bit.ly/BNIChampagneVisitors

NOTE: Pre-registration is required.

July 18-19: 36th ANNUAL Grand North American Old Time FIDDLE CHAMPIONSHIP

WATCH on Facebook LIVE on Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19 – Start Time: 11:00 am MDT each day.

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-or- Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers

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The Niagara Pumphouse invites you to be among the first to see the newly-upgraded building. Enjoy a short tour to see the facility updates, view the art exhibitions; and, take a stroll or picnic at the grounds. Reserve time of visit at niagarapumphouse.ca

Everybody’s Talking

1. The Cliffs of Moher are located in Ireland, Scotland, or Wales?


2. The colourful part of the human eye is the iris—T/F?


3. Is the Tropic of Cancer the most northern or most southern latitude where the sun can be directly overhead at noon?


4. Switzerland is divided into counties or cantons?


5. Actresses Eva and Zsa Zsa were known as what?

The Gabor Sisters


Did You Know?

Major award: The Order of the Companions of Honour is a British award given to people who have contributed in a major way and over a long period of time to the arts, science,  medicine, or government. Recipients include Stephen Hawking and Desmond Tutu.

Allergic reaction: Most people who come into contact with poison ivy will get an itchy rash called “allergic contact dermatitis” because they’re allergic to the plant’s oil. A small number of people aren’t allergic to the oil and don’t get a rash.

Sleeping horse: If a horse wants to take a quick nap, it will doze while standing up. If it wants to get good sleep, it lies down. Horses need about two or three hours of deep sleep per day, usually taken at different intervals.

Famous park: Yellowstone National Park is located in the U.S. states of  Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. In 1872, it became the first national park in the country.

More than orange: Not all pumpkin varieties are orange. The decorative jarrahdale has skin with a blue-green hue, while peanut pumpkins have lumpy,  light orange skin and sweet flesh.

On the Lighter Side

There are three apples on a table, and you take away two of them. How many apples do you have now? Two, of course!

Teacher: “Mira went to the library at 5:15 and left at 6:45. How long was Mira at the library?”

Student: “Not long.”

I went to buy some camouflage clothing, but I couldn’t find it.

How many pessimists does it take to change a lightbulb? Never mind. Nobody would get the joke anyway.

Why did the lollipop cross the road? It was stuck to the chicken.

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