July 20, 2020


Everybody’s Talking

Mommy’s boy: Some people will go to great lengths to help their parents in a time of need. In Brazil, a man named Heitor Schiave took it one step too far: he dressed up as his mother so he could take her driver’s test on her behalf. His mother hadn’t had much luck herself, having failed three times. So Schiave put on women’s clothing and a wig, wore lots of makeup, and tried to talk in his mother’s voice. However, the disguise did not fool Aline Mendonca, the examiner, who realized that the woman taking the test did not look like the woman pictured on her identification. Schiave was arrested for fraud.

New wave furniture: Gavin Munro is a maker of furniture, but he doesn’t use carpentry tools to do it. Instead, he trains the trees on his farm to grow into the form of chairs, tables, and other pieces. The result is very artistic. Located near Derby, England, his farm has oak, willow, ash, and sycamore trees. When the trees are just saplings, he uses moulds to make them grow a certain way. To attain his final product, he also prunes and grafts the trees’ branches. It takes a long time for a piece of furniture to be made in this fashion – between four and eight years.

Stolen goods: A woman in St. Paul, Minnesota (U.S.), was miffed when she discovered that a package she ordered had been stolen from her porch. Hilary Smith received a text saying that the package, which contained a phone charger, had been delivered, so she expected to find it upon arriving home from work. In its place was a handwritten note thanking her for leaving the package on her porch so it could be stolen. The thief signed the note, “The new owner of your package.” Police in the area are warning residents to have parcels delivered when someone is home to receive them.

Beautiful harvest: Some farmers in Bangladesh work in an environment of great beauty—at least during the time of harvest. These farmers collect water lily blossoms in the Canal of Water Lilies in the country’s Barisal district. They paddle their long wooden boats through a sea of green leaves and deep pink water lily flowers, collecting the blossoms as they go. Collection is done carefully and by hand. These blossoms are a popular item at local markets, where the farmers go to sell their floral gems.

Quoteable Quotes

“Things are always at their best in the beginning.”

~ Blaise Pascal

“Life can only be kept by giving it away. But then
it will bloom.”

~ Anne Rivers Siddons

What’s Happening


7 am, On ZOOM All Visitors Welcome! Call 289-968-9781 for details to register to attend at http://bit.ly/BNIChampagneVisitors

NOTE: Pre-registration is required.


The Niagara Pumphouse invites you to be among the first to see the newly-upgraded building. Enjoy a short tour to see the facility updates, view the art exhibitions; and, take a stroll or picnic at the grounds. Reserve time of visit at niagarapumphouse.ca

Aug. 5: Young Onset Dementia Care Partner Group

The Alzheimer Society of Niagara Region has launched a new program for care partners of people living with Young Onset Dementia (dementia diagnosed prior to age 65). This will be a facilitated group intended to connect people who are caring for a person living with Young Onset Dementia. The intent of the program is to offer a place where care partners of people living with Young Onset Dementia can access support and engage socially. 7-8:30pm Krawczuk@alzheimerniagara.ca

Aug. 6 - ZOOM Practice Sessions


Join us to test out your connection to the Zoom network and increase your comfort using the platform to connect with programs.

Explore the features inside of Zoom including:
– Using the chatbox
– Renaming your display name
– Turning your video on and off
– Mute and un-mute
– Display options


Aug. 12 - Options for Care

Options for Care will focus on giving participants the opportunity to explore the care options that support persons living with dementia in the moderate to late stages of their journey.

Join us as we explore:

– Choosing the right level of care: aging at home, retirement or long term care

– Learn the process around long term care application

– Explore options for discussing the long term care move

– Explore moving day strategies

– Learn about the resources to navigate the transition to alternate levels of care

Aug. 19: Long Term Care Transitional Self-Help

A Long Term Care Transitional Public Forum

For care partners of a family member that has had a recent admission to Long Term Care.


Topics to be discussed:

– When and how to visit your loved one in Care

– Meaningful visits and communication

– Working with Long Term Care staff

– Loss and grief




1. The fastest land animal is the cheetah, the leopard, or the lion?


2. Are cashews nuts or seeds?


3.Which Muppet of The Muppets fame is known for being ticklish?


4. Root and tuber vegetables grow above or below the ground?


5. Who wrote The Cat in the Hat?

Dr. Seuss



Did You Know?

Gone South: The first man to make it to the South Pole was Norwegian Roald Amundsen (1872-1928). A team of men, dogs, and dogsleds journeyed from their base camp in Antarctica, reaching the pole just under two months

Pick a pear: Anjou pears are mild-flavoured and soft, making them easy to eat. Abate pears are good to eat with cheese because they are fragrant and crisp

Skin bumps: Moles occur when skin cells called melanocytes grow. Babies can be born with moles that are called congenital nevi, while other moles develop over a person’s lifetime.

Expensive painting: A 1941 Pablo Picasso painting from his “Weeping Woman” series sold for $9.1 million (CDN) at an auction house in Toronto, Canada, in 2019. The painting of photographer Dora Maar is called Femme au chapeau.

Writer and pilot: Many people are aware of British author Roald Dahl’s many famous children’s books, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Witches. But they may not know that he was a fighter pilot in World War II.

On the Lighter Side

Why is “abbreviation” such a long word?

Can you name three consecutive days without using the words “Wednesday,” “Friday,” or “Sunday”? Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? A stick.

Customer: “These melons are $1.50. Did you raise them yourself?”
Farmer: “Yes. Yesterday they were $1.25.”

Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because chickens weren’t around yet.

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