June 1, 2020


Everybody’s Talking

Map of America American Shannon Downey of Chicago, Illinois loves to embroider. She finds and buys unfinished craft projects at estate sales, which she finishes and donates. She met her match, however, when she bought a huge unfinished quilt and embroidery project of a United States map showing each state’s flower. Not knowing how to quilt, she put out a plea on social media and soon had lots of help. She mailed sections to her helpers, who were asked to mail them back. Downey intends to finish the project that had been started by a woman named Rita Smith, who passed away at age 99.

Long lashes: Two pretty cocker spaniels, who are sisters, are apt to make fashion models jealous. The dogs, Cloe and Nena, have extremely long eyelashes that amaze onlookers. Owner Vittoria Di Castri of Milan, Italy, insists that her pets’ lashes are real. She spends hours grooming the dogs, who love all the attention. Di Castri trims and combs the lashes that can grow more than five centimetres (two inches). The canine pooches have become a social media sensation, and they love to pose for the camera.

Natty knitter: Samuel Barsky of Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.), loves knitting and also loves travelling with Deborah, his wife. This creative fellow has found a way to combine the two. Before leaving for a trip, he designs and knits a sweater with an image of a landmark at his destination. He has knit images of the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, and Stonehenge onto sweaters. Others feature the Statue of Liberty and London’s Tower Bridge. When he visits each landmark, he takes a photo of himself wearing the appropriate sweater. Barsky is starting to make a name for himself on social media.

Missing boy found: A thermal camera drone operator helped bring about a happy ending to the story of a missing boy. Steve Fines offered to help search for Ethan Haus, a little boy who got lost in the woods with his dog near his home in Sherburne, Minnesota (U.S.). Many volunteers came to help as darkness fell. In the past, Fines had used his camera to find missing cattle, but never children! Coordinating efforts with ground searchers, he was able to zero in on Ethan and his dog, remotely lighting the drone so the searchers could find the spot.

Quoteable Quotes

“A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”
— Dorothy Canfield Fisher

“Our way is not soft grass, it’s a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upwards, forward, toward the sun.”
—Ruth Westheimer


1. Is a doubloon coin gold or silver?


2. In the Queen’s English, what is a brolly?


3. Whose initials might you find carved in a tree?


4. Name the bird that can swim but cannot fly.


5. A pummel horse is used in which sport?



Did You Know?

Night flower: A cactus known as Queen of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus) blooms only once a year for one single night. They grow wild in Mexico, Florida (U.S.), and parts of the Caribbean.

Young singer-songwriter: Canadian musician Shawn Mendes quickly rose to international fame for his pop music. In 2014, his first single was “Life of the Party,” which was released when he was only 15.

Frightful: Someone who is afraid of clowns is said to have coulrophobia. This phobia is not very common. Some researchers think it may come about because a clown’s makeup hides their feelings, and they are mischievous.

Paint the room: If a wall is painted with matte paint, there will be no shine when it dries. Gloss paint, on the other hand, has a lot of shine and therefore will show all the imperfections on the wall.

Wild and free: There are wild horses on the barrier islands of the Outer Banks, off the coast of North Carolina (U.S.). The original horses were left there by Europeans who landed there over 500 years ago.

On the Lighter Side

What goes through towns, up hills, and down hills but never moves? The road!

Found in a heap of recycled folders donated to a school was one labelled “Excuses I Have Used.”

Customer: “Do you have anything that will cure fleas?” Veterinarian: “Maybe. What made them sick?”

I’m the size of an elephant, but I weigh nothing. What am I? An elephant’s shadow!

Jury: Twelve people brought together to decide who has the best lawyer.

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