June 15, 2020


Everybody’s Talking

Coffee Time: Move over watercolours. Coffee has become the new medium for an artist in the small town of Ontinyent, Spain. Nuria Salcedo, an architect by training, learned to draw on her own. She loves to draw and do illustrations of famous people, but she didn’t think she had much skill. To differentiate herself from other artists, she focused on coffee. She uses diluted coffee of different tones in her work, as well as brown pencils. The result is an interesting sepia look with various shades of brown and tan. She often uses photos as her source material but is moving towards painting original works of art.

Loyal Friends: Nurses at a hospital in Rio do Sol, Santa Catarina, Brazil, treated a patient in the emergency department who appeared to be homeless, but certainly wasn’t alone. The man, known only as César, had come to the facility to obtain treatment for a medical condition. Nurse Cris Mamprim and her coworkers wondered if he would be okay when he was released a little while later. They needn’t have worried. Waiting happily at the door for César were four, tail-wagging dogs, excited to see their master again. The nurses realized that, while César may have been homeless, he was a kind man to have such loyal friends.

Extras: Finding chocolates on the pillow is a nice experience when staying at a hotel. Some luxury hotels are known to offer outlandish “extras” which may be part of the room rate or may incur an extra charge. A Fender guitar, for example, is available to Hard Rock Hotel guests around the world who choose the “Sound of Your Stay” program. The Acqualina Resort in Miami, Florida (U.S.), provides a Rolls-Royce Ghost to those renting a certain deluxe suite. And, if you are athletic, you can enjoy a free acrobatic skills program from Cirque du Soleil while staying at Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Splashy Entrance: Guests at a wedding in Anglesey, Wales, got a big surprise when the groom arrived at the venue. Wearing his tuxedo, Matt Knight rode a wakeboard behind a boat on the Menai Strait. Accompanying him were his groomsmen — brother Chris and friend Paul — who also wore tuxes. The three did a few tricks for the assembled guests who were waiting outside the hotel where the nuptials would be held. The trio was soaking wet, of course, but all had dry formal wear waiting for them. The bride, Kirsty, loved the show and said the groom made the exciting entrance due to his love of James Bond movies.

Quoteable Quotes

“Literature is my Utopia.”
Helen Keller

“If everyone minded their own business…the world would go round a deal faster than it does.”
Lewis Carroll


1. A harpoon is a barbed spear or a string on a harp?

Barbed Spear

2. Which plant is known to devour insects?

Venus Fly Trap

3. Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1925, 1935, or 1945?


4. Name the firstborn of England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince George

5. What is the fruit of the blackthorn bush?

Sloe Berry


Did You Know?

Earth’s Layers: Earth’s crust is between about five and 100 kilometres (three and 62 miles) thick. The next layer is the mantle, which is approximately 2,900 km (1,800 mi.) deep.

Very Venomous: Deinagkistrodon acutus, commonly known as the Chinese moccasin, is a venomous snake found in parts of southeast Asia. Its venom has been used for centuries to treat tendon and bone pain.

Peppermint Beginnings: The American sitcom The Brady Bunch ran for five seasons between 1969 and 1974. A band called The Peppermint Trolley Company originally performed the show’s theme song.

Measuring the Weather: Anemometers and barometers are both meteorological instruments. The former measures airflow speed while the latter measures atmospheric pressure.

Bone Health: Calcium, which can be obtained naturally in such things as dairy products, leafy green veggies, and some fish, is important for bone health in both children and adults. The amount of a person’s daily need depends on age.

On the Lighter Side

  • My cat constantly looks at me like I asked her to give me a ride to the airport.
  • Q: What type of cloud is so lazy that it never gets up?
    A: Fog!
  • In a recent poll, 78 per cent of those polled said they didn’t like being polled.
  • You can break me without touching me, or even seeing me. What am I? A promise.
  • If you don’t like cheese with holes in it, eat around them.

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