November 16, 2020


Everybody’s Talking

Best for Baby: If you want the best of the best for your baby, you can get it from a company in Spain called Suommo. But you’d have to be quite wealthy to afford some of their wares.  Suommo sells things like cribs and baby bottles, and the items are designed with flair and made of expensive components such as gold. Even the company’s baby pacifiers are things of beauty.  Parents can purchase one of three styles: diamond and gold, diamond and white gold, or diamond and rose gold. For those on a budget, some less expensive items are available, but the prices still will likely make a buyer think twice.
Motorcycle madness: Men wanting to impress their girlfriends should avoid breaking the law to do so. A man named Lalit from New Delhi, India, learned this the hard way. Lalit’s girlfriend had made fun of him because he did not own a motorcycle. So Lalit enlisted the help of a friend to steal as many of the two-wheeled vehicles as possible. Before getting caught by the cops, the pair managed to steal eight high-end motorcycles for the simple purpose of showing off to Lalit’s girlfriend. The water plant worker did not have a criminal record before, but he and his friend do now! 

Avocado Creations: You’ve never seen an avocado like one carved by Daniele  Barresi of Bagnara Calabra, Italy. The food sculptor got interested in carving at a young age, and he has tried many mediums, including soap and resin. But it’s the carvings he creates in avocado halves that really attract attention. He turns the soft flesh of the fruit into detailed representations of flowers, vines,  fruit, faces, and animals. Sometimes the pit is kept in place and carved as well,  becoming part of the picture. Other times, the pit is discarded to make room for another unique scene. Whatever the case, this art is edible!

Fantastic fondant: Lots of people love cake decorating, but China’s Zhou Yi  takes the craft to the highest level. Known as “Sugar King,” this creative artist makes intricate sculptures out of fondant. The figures he makes might be empresses, warriors, or fairies. Every eyelash is created individually, and the folds in clothing are draped realistically. Zhou Yi started by modelling dough, but got bored. He discovered fondant and realized it was the medium he needed to extend his creativity to more elaborate works. Today, Sugar King is  well-known around the world, and his creations are very expensive.

Quoteable Quotes

“Much learning does not teach understanding.”


“People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.”

What’s Happening


7 am, On ZOOM All Visitors Welcome! Call 289-968-9781 for details to register to attend NOTE: Pre-registration is required.

Nov.4-29: Exhibition: Ontario Between an Abstract and Figurative Vision: Eric Ranveau

Artist Eric Ranveau invites viewers to experience a new vision of Ontario landscapes in his new exhibition at the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre. The show titled, “Ontario Between an Abstract and Figurative Vision” runs from November 4th to the 29th, 2020 at the Joyner Gallery of the Arts Centre. An opening reception for the exhibit will be held on Sunday, November 8th, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  The paintings reveal the artist’s contemporary interpretation of Ontario landscapes. In his work, Ranveau explores the common thread between figurative and abstract art. A show not to be missed for art lovers and collectors, alike!

September 21-November 30: RAFFLE

Alzheimer Society Of Niagara Region



May 13-14, 2021: DigiMarCon Canada West 2021 - Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference & Exhibition

The Westin Bayshore Vancouver Hotel

1601 Bayshore Dr., Vancouver BC


May 20, 2021: Your Title Goes TECHSPO Toronto 2021 Technology Expo (Internet ~ Mobile ~ AdTech ~ MarTech ~ SaaS)Here
Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre Hotel

525 Bay St Toronto Ontario M5G 2L2 Canada, 525 Bay St


1. Banff National Park is located in what country?


2. Sisters Serena and Venus Williams are top players in which sport?


3. If you are visiting the city called Rio de Janeiro, what country are you in?


4. The first-born son of Prince Harry and wife Meghan is Archie, Arlo, or Albert?


5. What is the Earth’s most northern region?



Did You Know?

About Strawberries: Strawberries come from the plant called “Fragaria.” The berry is full of vitamin C and is sweet and juicy when ripe. Strawberries become perishable soon after they are picked.

Short on Space: In Amsterdam, Holland, narrow houses line the canals. Three in particular – Singel 7, Oude Hoogstraat 22, and Kloveniersburgwal 26 – are worth a look. They are only about two metres (6.5 ft.) wide. One of them has a  tearoom at street level.

Spectacular view: The Cliffs of Moher, located on Ireland’s west coast near the County Clare village of Liscannor, are an amazing spectacle. Reaching a  height of 214 metres (700 ft.), they stretch for eight kilometres (five miles)  along the Atlantic coast.

Big Bird: The great blue heron has greyish-blue feathers and is the largest of  North American herons. They hunt for fish and insects in both freshwater and saltwater, and they build their nests in tall trees, shrubs, or on the ground.

Percussion King: Ringo Starr, the drummer for The Beatles, was born Richard  Starkey in Liverpool, England, in 1940. Before joining The Beatles in 1962, he was in a band called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

On the Lighter Side

What’s black and white and black and white and purple?
A zebra rolling down a hill with a violet stuck in his hoof.

A comedian sent a telegram from Venice: “Streets full of water. Please advise!”

Politician: “Just remember, it’s a small world.”
Taxpayer: “Then why does it cost so much to run it?”

Psychologist: a person who encourages you to speak freely, and then charges  you for listening.

With all the deductions from my paycheque, my take-home pay barely survives the trip!

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