Order Coffee



During our training session for Coffee News® franchisees, there was a wonderful franchise owner from Phoenix that we never, ever, saw order coffee from the assorted restaurants we attended. He’d always order just a plain cup of hot water. When it arrived he’d slide a little packet of something out of a pocket in his briefcase, tear it open, and dump it into the cup. It made us curious, but we didn’t ask. After the second day or so, he noticed our curiosity and offered us a packet each. “Try this – it’s amazing coffee.” And it was.

Organo Gold

Turns out that he was a distributor of Organo coffee in Phoenix, and he’d make rounds to all the coffee shops and restaurants… kept seeing Coffee News® in a lot of them. So he looked into it and ended up buying a Coffee News® franchise since the 2 products went so well together.


We liked the coffee so much that when we had an opportunity, we became distributors, too. We’ve been using it as a promotional item for a few years now. But we’ve had a number of people ask how they can order coffee themselves, so this page is the answer. Below you’ll find our Organo distribution webpage.

Preferred Customer

If you are interested in becoming a preferred customer you can do that from a link on the page. It allows you to set up an auto-ship order, and save a bit on the purchase price.

Become a Distributor

And if you’re like us, and you want to share this amazing coffee with your friends, you can even get set up as a distributor yourself. Click the “Join Now” link on the page below for details. It will eventually prompt you to order a Starter Kit for $50. That is the only thing you need to start as a distributor! You don’t even need to order coffee, but you can, all at the same time.